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 The Latest Epson 5th generation Micro Piezo Printhead can reach resolution of 1440 dpi. It's extremely fine ink droplets are able to fully reflect the rich detail of the picture, and to fulfill the requirement of one meter viewing range. Suitable for both water based dye and eco-solvent pigment inks, And it can offer one to two years service life.


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  1. Print head not firing ink:

Print head voltage is on

Optical fiber connects correctly

Some distortion ink from heads during printing cause by damaged Optical Fiber

The reading of the encoder in the software is changing when the carriage is moving. If reading does not increase or decrease correspondingly, check the encoder sensor

2. Carriage motor (X motor) not functioning:

PCI card is installed properly

Motor is not under self-lock.

Refer to the motor driving board (DB810) in the circuit diagram for the connections of the power and data cable are connecting correctly

3. Feeding motor (Y motor) not functioning:

Procedures are the same as 2.

4. Feeding or take-up motor not functioning:

Check the sensitivity of the sensor

Replace the feeding and take-up board

Replace the feeding or take-up sensor

5. X or Y motor overheated (The surface of the motor exceeds 50 degree Celsius)

Check whether there is resistance when moving the carriage.  If there is obvious resistance, check if the motor gear is in the proper position.  The gear should not have contact with the motor. 

Check the motor driver.  “Limit” to “+”. “Gain” to “-“. “Damp” to “-“, and turn back about 30 degree. If there is noise from the motor, turn the “Damp” to more “-“.

6. The parameter of print head voltage is not correct when uploading or downloading

The driver of the PCI card is installed

Optical fiber connects correctly.

No damage on the optical fiber

Change computer and PCI card

Change print head board

7. Software froze or parameter cannot be saved

Replace the “printer” software from the CD

“Printer” software requires all the files to be writ able. Uncheck the “Only for read” under the properties.

8. Printing width does not match the setting width

The resolution of RIP image does not match the resolution in the “Printer” software For example: if the resolution of the rip image is 240*540DPI but using 180DPI.ini file in the software

9. Print head not firing ink during printing

Remove all the air in the tubes

No air leakage

Set proper print head voltage

Negative pressure is correct by adjusting the sub tank height

10. Ink supply system not functioning

Reconnect flat data cable and the connection part is not damaged

Ink pump connects properly

Change servo board

Floating switch is working properly

11. Pump is not working

Check the incoming voltage

The plug is connected properly

Use syringe to inject and suck out air from the ink incoming side.  Stop until you feel the piston is moving.

Check whether there is ink in the air Sub tank.

Change pump.

12. Ink drops out from the print head

Air tube is clipped.

Changed elec. mage. Valve

13. Interruption during printing

Restart the printer and the computer

Rip the image again

Optical fiber connection

Replace the “Printer” software

Change PCI card

Change print head board

14. Printer froze or bi-direction changes to uni-direction, carriage hitting the frame, and haves data error

Long and short belts of the carriage movement is vibrating

Consistence between motor bearing and motor

Encoder is dirty

Change motor

15. Carriage is at the origin position, and it moves to the right after pressing “reposition”

Change the origin sensor if it is always in the off position.

The DIP signal wire is loosening on the X motor driver.

16. Print head voltage and temperature reading abnormal

The “printer v1.11” has the option for voltage and temperature ratio when setting the voltage.  The “printer v1.13” or more update version doesn’t support this function anymore.  Set both of the ratio to default in the version 1.11.

17. Carriage moves to the home abnormally.  Press either the left or right limit switch, the STS displays “00111”.

Change print head board

18.  STS displays “00000”

Change long data cable for signal

19. 12V not correct in the electrical system

Loosen the screw at lower left hand corner of the servo board because it may short circuit with the power input.

Change the 12V power supply board.

20.  Vertical banding

Clean 4 rails and the carriage bearing perfectly.


  Creating Image and Printing

1. Take into account of the size of the image and the usage of the printout when deciding the resolution of the image.  

Low resolution will affect the printing quality, high resolution will take time to rip.

2. According to the ink, select corresponding icc profile. 

“Printer” software should have the corresponding print mode as the rip file.

3. Consider using other printing mode with higher pass when the darkness is not satisfied.

4. If the red color is not red enough, you may add a little cyan into the red color.

5. The original image should use CMYK mode.  Otherwise, there will be a color shift in the printout. 

6. Notice that “CMYK” represents four color printing and “CMYKlclm” represents six color. printout.

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