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 The Latest Epson 5th generation Micro Piezo Printhead can reach resolution of 1440 dpi. It's extremely fine ink droplets are able to fully reflect the rich detail of the picture, and to fulfill the requirement of one meter viewing range. Suitable for both water based dye and eco-solvent pigment inks, And it can offer one to two years service life.


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Specification :

A. Function Parameter Guide
1) Input electricity - AC220V/50Hz
2) Voltage - DC5V
3) Power - 15W
4) Cleaning Frequency - 8KHz
5) Max. setting time - 15minutes

This product are make for piezo printhead cleaning processing, usually it can be clean in a few minute and back to work again like usual before it was to make period of cleaning process to print head is very important, because this can make the life of print head much longer, and decrease the waste clog time, and to accord the low cost.
Every kind of large or small format plotter. Now it is adapt for XAAR, SEIKO, SPECTRA, KONIKA, EPSON etc.

User Guide
1) In the power off situation connect the print head and print head cleaner with the connector (Notice the print head connector and print head cleaner have to put in the correctly position)
2) Use glass syringe to inhale the cleaning fluid and use the provided oil tube to connect the inlet of print head and put into the container
3) The cleaning fluid id 4-5cm deep in container (the front part of print head have to be inside of the cleaning fluid)
4) Turn on the power of print head cleaner (in the meantime you can hear a little noise) then push the syringe slowly and carefully
5) In this time you have to check the clean situation of cleaning fluid, if you have found dirty or something, you have to change the cleaning fluid and then clean the print head again till the print head are all unclog
6) Cut the power off, and disconnect the connector.



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