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 The Latest Epson 5th generation Micro Piezo Printhead can reach resolution of 1440 dpi. It's extremely fine ink droplets are able to fully reflect the rich detail of the picture, and to fulfill the requirement of one meter viewing range. Suitable for both water based dye and eco-solvent pigment inks, And it can offer one to two years service life.


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Problem description

Possible malfunction reason

Action taken




1, Data cable between head and print head connection board is not well connected

2, Print head PCB flat cable chip defective

3, Print head connection board, print head control board or PCI card defective


1, Switch data cable to identify the problem

2, No excessive ink at nozzle face, ink prime, check air pressure and

3, Power off, check data cable connection

4, Replace head if it is defective, Replace PHCB or PCI card if they are defective

5, Check if voltages are normal





1, Vacuum pressure too high/low

2, Voltage too low

3, Print head worn out

4, Ink viscosity too high

5, Print head temperature too low


1, Power off, reconnect data cable

2, Switch data cable to identify the problem is from head or others

3, Replace with new PCB(s)







1, Media loading not aligned

2, Force not even from pinch rollers


1, Load media carefully

2, Adjust spring force







1, Ink level sensor wire broken

2, No 24V output from ink board

3, Ink pump damaged

4, Ink tube from tank to pump damage


1, Replace level sensor wire

2, Replace ink board

3, Replace ink pump





1, Encoder dirty or loss

2, Something stops the carriage  

1, Check Encoder/Encoder ruler

2, software problems

3, Check print head control board



1,  X-axis (carriage) slips

2,  Y-axis (pinch rollers) slips


1, Tighten pulley screws

2, Tighten rod joint screws






1, Machine not powered on

2, USB cable problem

3, USB board problem


1, Turn on machine

2, Replace USB cable

3, Replace USB board






1, Optical sensor defective

2, Feeding/taking-up PCB defective

3, No 24V input

4, Motor Defected


1, Replace optical sensor

2, Replace feeding/taking-up PCB

3, Check 24V power supply




1, Air leakage

2, Air pump problem


1,  Check air supply system

2, Replace air pump








1, Panasonic servo drive has parameter wrong setting


1, set to right parameters

PA 02 = 0

10 = 15

11 = 15

12 = 1000

13 = 3

14 = 50

15 = 30

20 = 300

1st Channel 21 = 0

41 = 0

42 = 3

4B = 2380

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